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I got the confession ball rolling and It's kinda fun to confess this shit to you guys. So here's some more. I'm the kind of person who will flirt for a drink and then leave without a word. Also, once I almost fought a gang member because he asked my crush for a cigar, I got really mad.
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Jesus, you sure are a wild one! D:

There’s thunder and lightning now. Definitely not running in that!

Hmmm… It’s raining heavily and I need to run.

Maybe I’ll just skip today.

Reblog if your ask is always open.

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She's actually a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I discovered that when we broke up. It would explain a lot of shit.
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Yeah, she sounds like she’s from the stone age! 


tumblr makes me forget that age differences and time zones exist 

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She said I was being 'unmanly' and insulting her house by cleaning it. All I did was wash the dishes after dinner though.
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Oooooookay… Not to be rude but does she come from the victorian ages? She does know woman can do more than just clean and have babies right? 

An ex girlfriend of mine got mad at me once for cleaning, then later asked to jerk me off. I should've know something was up but I agreed. Right when I finished she made a point to nail me in the face with it.
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Who gets mad at someone for cleaning? :O

I've been to 13 countries but only had sex in 8 of them. I just know lots of people from all over. I live in an international city and my university has lots of foreign students
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Still! 13 countries is impressive! I’ve only been out of the UK once! :D